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Industrial Solutions
River Industrial Solutions, Inc provides customized technical solutions to industrial operators. Cooperating extensively with global industrial manufacturers we provide world class industrial representation to assure full cooperation and understanding between end-user and manufacturer.
Marine Solutions
River Industrial Solutions, Inc provides spare parts and technical support services to marine vessels worldwide. Using our 25 years experience and comprehensive relations with manufacturers we quickly and affordably supply required material.

Professional Industrial Services. Guaranteed.

Since 2008, River Industrial Solutions, Inc provides a wide range of specialized services as a leader and innovator for the oil & gas, petrochemical, mining, shipping, power generation and manufacturing sectors.

We study our client’s technical requirement and design and source applicable industrial systems including valves, boilers, generators, ovens, pumps, engines, industrial vehicles, compressors and more.

River Industrial Solutions provides spare parts through our long business experience with manufacturers across the globe. We offer discounted pricing and preferred delivery options on all product lines. For export items we offer full service delivery options worldwide.

With Partners in China, Korea, Japan, Belgium, USA and Associates in India, Kuwait, Mexico and South Africa- River Industrial Solutions brings competitive options to industrial supply.

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